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The purpose of the Blossom Tree is to support people in finding their Inner Strength. For this we use tools like Inner Child work and Reiki.

I’m travelling in the World and offer my services as a Reiki Master Teacher in the linage of Tibetan Usui Reiki, in every place I am. I offer Reiki classes, Reiki treatment, Inner child work and personal guidance.

Inner Child Work

Allow your Inner child back into your life!

We lock up the playing, happy, creative and loving part of ourselves inside, not having to feel the pain of the past. But how much do we hurt ourselves by denying this aspect of ourselves? The way back to our authentic Self could be Inner Child work! The Magic begins…

Inner child live your present
Inner child facilitator

Inner child Facilitator

Do you want to help others to find their Inner Child?

Teach them an instrument with which they can transform their life?

So they can liberate themselves from the pain of the past?

Dis-cover their authenticity?

Become a Inner Child facilitator!


It is my aim to make the Reiki system available for everybody where ever I go. Reiki is a way of working with energy. Universal Life force Energy, the energy we are made of and the energy that runs through us. Reiki Energy is Unconditional Love.


This website will offer you access to Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 courses on donation basis, meaning, what is it worth to you and what can you afford. For people who have completed Reiki 2, it’s possible to study for Reiki Master level.

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Personal guidance

Why struggling with things on the inner plane alone when you can ask for help? Sometimes we need an other perspective, a change of view to move forward. That is what I do in personal sessions, give you a different perspective and guidance how to move forward. Off course with respect for your own inner power.

Personal guidance

I have a dream!

End of last year I felt the call to go out into the world. Not long after that, end December, So I went out first to Australia and later to Bali. Since June I’ve been travelling in South America.

My first stop was Peru, where I’ve stayed until end March to offer my services.

I trained a new Reiki Master and several Inner Child work facilitators.

At the moment I’m back in Europe. to continue my work here.