A perspective on Energy

To give you a general idea of the concept of Energy from my spiritual perspective.

Everything is energy, Quantum physics has confirmed what we already knew from a spiritual perspective. This Energy is the Universal Life Force Energy or the energy of Unconditional Love. We exist from this energy, this energy is all around us and is in everything we can see and not see. The energy of Reiki for example is this same Universal life force energy. Our spirits are part of this energy and reside in an other dimension, an other realm. This Unconditional love represents the intelligence of the Universe. We, here on Earth, are part of this Universe and we are not the only ones! There exist many dimensions with many Universes and civilisations.


As spirits we decide to have a life on earth to experience ourselves in a different way. In our home dimension there is only Unconditional Love and we live as energy. So we have no way of touch and other physical experiences. We agree with many spirits what kind of experiences we want to have on Earth when we meet them. All of us choose our parents for example and we agree with them to give us what we need from a spirit perspective. We are in charge of this experience. Our intuition is a great guide to choose the experiences that support us the most in our quest.

Our intuition is Spirit talking to us.


When we incarnate on Earth, we have non or very little recollection of our Source, although in current times children are born with only a very thin veil with the spirit world and they often have recollections of where they come from.

The purpose of it all is to find our true Selves and remember who we truly are within the physical world.


We are energy, our body is a form of solidified energy, a specific vibration that manifests as matter, like all the things surrounding us. We live in a physical dimension of time and space and in the same “space” exists other dimensions with other beings, different levels of vibration.


This reality we live in, is very patriarchal, like most societies on our planet Earth. In this society, women are subordinate to men and this is already so for many generations. We are in a time of great change and one of the changes that is happening is the equality between men and woman. Finding a new balance between the masculine and feminine, bring in the devine masculine and feminine that have a natural balance. For this to happen, it is important men and woman face the pain that is involved in this unbalanced society. Some call this the Mother Wound (Bethany Webster). These are the unhealthy patterns that are past down from generation to generation through the female line. Working with this mother wound helps women and also men to become more free from this generational energy and support equality of the genders.

This is not the only energy operating in the background of our lives. As kids we have experienced many different situations, healthy and unhealthy, from a child perspective. These live forth in our adult lives as programs or patterns. Our (inner) child created these patterns to get the love, security, etc, it was deprived from in childhood.

Energy field

Let’s talk a bit more about our energy field. Our energy field is the container of our physical body and consists of multiple layers containing all the information about who we are. There is a constant energy flow through this field from the Crown Chakra to the Base Chakra and through all our other chakras. Our energy field is constantly interacting with the energies around us. This constant flow of energy means life, without this flow, life stops. A tree is alive, a piece of wood is not. When we get into any form of relationship (from simple eye contact to intimate relationships), energy is exchanged. Usually this is a neutral exchange, sometimes this exchange is based on unhealthy believes or desires. So, awareness of this is paramount so those unhealthy exchanges of energy can be stopped.

Because we choose this life on Earth from a Spirit perspective, it gives us the opportunity to take responsibility for the choices we make and the consequences of these choices. So, we can always choose again!

There is much more to say about our energy and the world of energy around us. In the Reiki course is more information available and the internet is a great place to learn more.