Abuse, physical and/or energetic?

Sexual abuse comes in different forms, Here I like to discuss the physical and energetic form.

Annette has been doing inner child work for some time now. With her inner child she has already been able to solve a number of situations based on the disturbing emotions she experienced in her life. She is very helpful and discards her own needs to help others. Gradually she has come to feel that there is an imbalance in her helping. “Where am I?” This is a question she regularly asks herself. Annette notices that she gives too much and actually wants something in return. She wants to hear that she has done well or that it would not have been possible without her and similar signs of appreciation. In this, she goes far beyond her own limits.

Self esteem


She’s starting to feel like something’s not right but she can’t put her finger on it. From her background as a social worker and the course on inner child work she knows that this pattern, the helpfulness and her low self-esteem can have to do with sexual abuse. However, she can’t find anything about it in her memory.


In a conversation with her inner child she discusses this and asks her inner child if any form of sexual abuse has taken place. Her answer is affirmative, but nothing physically happened. As a young child she has picked up strong sexual energy. A strong sexual desire of a man and that has left the same impression as physical abuse for her. With her inner child she is able to resolve the energy that is surrounding this abuse. Her helping gets a completely different dynamic and she knows how to feel much better what she needs herself. This enables her to build in sufficient self-care and she also feels that she no longer needs this confirmation. Just a pleasure to be of service.


This is an example of a form of sexual abuse that is often overlooked but with similar consequences to the physical act. I myself have a similar experience, besides the physical abuse I have experienced, I have also experienced the energetic. a conversation with my family doctor a few years ago, I found it out for myself. I told her about my physical abuse and also told her that I had the feeling that something had happened, but of which I had no clear memory.


Still, these memories of the physical actions from the different senses that were involved are in my mind. Touch, sight, hearing and the like. Of the energetic abuse I only had a vague, yet strong feeling. She confirmed my story and explained that she saw both as equally strong experiences, hence the similar consequences. Also my inner child confirmed this experience and could also indicate where this had happened.