Question asked to me

Someone asked me a question recently, “You hide yourself behind al kinds of sayings on your facebook pages, mainly for young women, what do you want to achieve with that?”.


First, I’m an empath, I feel and I feel a lot, already my whole life. For a large part of my life I was unconscious of me being empathic. Having to deal with feelings not only of my own but of the people around me, I just didn’t know. As a kid I always lost fights, I couldn’t hurt an other human being.

In my childhood I experienced sexual abuse and was shamed and blamed for my sexuality and as an adolescent I developed a sex addiction. I never harmed a person because of that. Fortunately I had a lot of safe guards around it. But still, watching pornography is abusive on an energetic level, I know now. I have been incredibly lonely in my childhood, not being able to talk about what happened to me. 


Over the last decade or so I was able to resolve a lot of my patterns around sexuality, but the journey still continues. Still I feel the desire to fully balance my masculine and feminine energies. I haven’t trusted my masculine energy since I was a kid. I recently found out, the energy of my abuser was a familiar male energy, so no wonder.

Do I hide myself? Not anymore, I put my story out there a couple of days ago, after my dear friend Meg had the guts to tell her story publicly. That is why I’m writing this story, because the world needs to know how damaging uncontrolled and violent expression of male sexual energy can be.


I’m a man, a human being with the attributes of a man, a penis and more. The ability to penetrate. That is why I feel that I as a man have a great responsibility agains women, who receive, who are extremely vulnerable. I know I made my mistakes. In wars, man have not only used swords and guns. Men also used their penis to show their power and humiliated women. This is still happening all over the world.

Even I as a man feel vulnerable in the masculine society we live in, I feel ashamed by the way men speak amongst each other about women. They have no clue about the sacredness of women, they have no clue about the creative forces harnessed in a woman’s body. When they start to know and are able to respect it, the world will be a different place.


When I work with young women, I feel the hurt of being a woman in a masculine society, especially here in Peru, South America. The pain I feel goes back many generations as woman have been seen as inferior to men. They are still being seen and treated that way. I also hear the stories of abuse and feel the energy that is in some men I encountered. Not all, I also met some very sensitive men. The women I see in my Reiki and Inner Child workshops are not there just by accident. Many times I had tears in my eyes feeling what was going on.

So, what do I want to achieve with that? That, is working with young women and posting uplifting messages on my facebook page. 

I feel, part of my purpose is to support the light in this world. The way I do this at the moment, is giving my classes. The other part has to do with women. Working with them, I realise, is also about healing myself, redefining my relationship between my inner masculine and feminine. I know I have my flaws and they are part of my wholeness. The other part is contributing to the balance of the male and the female in our societies.


Of course the balance is about both men and women, but men are for me not so approachable as women. Probably because I still have problems trusting my own and other male energies. But also because of the harsh energy many man carry. So, working with women I feel much more comfortable and I also feel this is the way for me at the moment. The stronger and more self confident women are, the more they take their power, the more the balance will shift. I also feel I will be working with men in the future. 

Working with the wounded inner child, Bethany Webster talks about “The Mother Wound” and this is the inherited subordinate feelings of women through the generations in the masculine society. I raise this subject in all my workshops, more than 80% of my participants is female.

As an empath I feel the hurt of many generations when I’m working with women and I have the feeling I understand. In the lifetimes I had on the planet, I experienced all, the good and the bad, the victim and the perpetrator, all shades of grey. This knowing is there for me, so I know deep inside the horrors women have gone through. 

No question

Now it is time to contribute and dedicate my time and energy to support restoring the balance. In there is the Light, there is where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine can emerge and blend and spark the Divine Light that illuminates Heaven on Earth. I feel in all my bones that this is going to happen. It’s not a matter any more of if, but when.

Reiki class

Reiki class
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We are about to finish the Reiki class. “Are there any questions?” “Yes,” Sophia says, “my leg hurts, already for some time and I have trouble walking long distance. Can I do something about that?” “Where does it hurt?” “Here, in the side of my upper leg” I look at her for a little while. “I have a question for you, is it from this lifetime or an other?” She looks at me with a frown on her face and she closes her eyes for a second. “Not from now” she says thoughtfully. “Have an other look, what do you see?”  She looks down again and feels her leg. “Yes, there is something sticking out of my leg” “It’s a dagger, isn’t it? Now pull it carefully out and hold your hand on that place. Allow the Reiki energy to flow so the wound can heal”.


Sophia is one of my Reiki students and a very sensitive person. She is very much connected to the energy of time and space and is able to look into other lifetimes, not only for herself but also for others. She is a journalist from South America and a feminist activist. A couple of weeks later we meet again. “You know Henk,” I gave Reiki to myself on that spot”, while pointing on her upper leg, “and the pain in my leg went away in just a couple of days and has never returned, I can use my leg normal now” “You did a good job” I said to her, “ you healed your leg well”.

The same evening she asked for my date and place of birth. After bringing up my star-chart, she gave me an astrologic reading. I only can say, spot on. Now she is moving on for her work, next stop for her is Europe. Thank you Sophia, for being part of my life.

Reiki and more in Cusco

After arriving in Cusco, I spent some time in hostels and explored a bit of the city and did a guided tour. On the 3rd day I found a place to stay long term. I rented a room in a private apartment. The Monday after I could come, but before that I became sick in the hostel I was staying in. It turned out to be altitude sickness, but it looked like the flu. After a bottle of oxygen, I felt myself again.

The blossom Tree Cusco city
Cusco city

That Monday, I checked in with Inés, my landlady. In the first 2 weeks I took my time to adjust to the hight of Cusco, 3400 meters above sea level. When our other house mate arrived, back from Lima, we talked about Reiki. Pretty soon the first Reiki course started. In the living room, with 4 participants.

After that, many more Reiki 1 courses followed, at the time of writing 8 courses. In these courses I have trained more than 20 people here in Peru. Because Peru is Spanish, I decided to take Spanish classes and that is a really good help in communicating with the Peruvians.

The blossom Tree Street Food
Street Food

Since I arrived in Cusco, a bit more than 1,5 months have passed. Time goes very fast. I feel blessed to have done so much work already. The next project is Reiki 2 and Inner child work, Which will start before the end of this month!

The Blossom Tree San Blas Market
San Blas Market

Iquitos, Reiki is starting in the jungle, Peru

Iquitos, after my decision to stay with a family, just for 2 days, interesting things started happening. The first evening I went to the boulevard by motor taxi and the taxi driver robbed me. I felt sad, angry and disappointed. It was not the first time, also on the boat coming back from the jungle, the guys on the boat went through our luggage and took out some stuff.

A policeman brought me home and the family immediately wanted to help. We went to the tourist police and one of the family members helped out with the translation. There they heard my profession, Maestro de Reiki. Back home we talked about my work and mother and daughter were very interested in a Reiki course. So that is what I offered them. I changed my ticket for a few days and so we did the Reiki 1 course in their Patio. Eventually 6 people turned up and with the great translation of the daughter, we had a beautiful Reiki 1 class.

Reiki in Iquitos

Only a couple of days later I took the plane to Cusco. New adventures waiting to be born!