Reiki and more in Cusco

After arriving in Cusco, I spent some time in hostels and explored a bit of the city and did a guided tour. On the 3rd day I found a place to stay long term. I rented a room in a private apartment. The Monday after I could come, but before that I became sick in the hostel I was staying in. It turned out to be altitude sickness, but it looked like the flu. After a bottle of oxygen, I felt myself again.

The blossom Tree Cusco city
Cusco city

That Monday, I checked in with Inés, my landlady. In the first 2 weeks I took my time to adjust to the hight of Cusco, 3400 meters above sea level. When our other house mate arrived, back from Lima, we talked about Reiki. Pretty soon the first Reiki course started. In the living room, with 4 participants.

After that, many more Reiki 1 courses followed, at the time of writing 8 courses. In these courses I have trained more than 20 people here in Peru. Because Peru is Spanish, I decided to take Spanish classes and that is a really good help in communicating with the Peruvians.

The blossom Tree Street Food
Street Food

Since I arrived in Cusco, a bit more than 1,5 months have passed. Time goes very fast. I feel blessed to have done so much work already. The next project is Reiki 2 and Inner child work, Which will start before the end of this month!

The Blossom Tree San Blas Market
San Blas Market

Iquitos, Reiki is starting in the jungle, Peru

Iquitos, after my decision to stay with a family, just for 2 days, interesting things started happening. The first evening I went to the boulevard by motor taxi and the taxi driver robbed me. I felt sad, angry and disappointed. It was not the first time, also on the boat coming back from the jungle, the guys on the boat went through our luggage and took out some stuff.

A policeman brought me home and the family immediately wanted to help. We went to the tourist police and one of the family members helped out with the translation. There they heard my profession, Maestro de Reiki. Back home we talked about my work and mother and daughter were very interested in a Reiki course. So that is what I offered them. I changed my ticket for a few days and so we did the Reiki 1 course in their Patio. Eventually 6 people turned up and with the great translation of the daughter, we had a beautiful Reiki 1 class.

Reiki in Iquitos

Only a couple of days later I took the plane to Cusco. New adventures waiting to be born!