Climate change or….

Climate change is a pretty tricky subject, especially if you have a different opinion than what is generally accepted. Climate change deniers can count on a lot of criticism.


I like to offer my view on it. For me climate change is a reality, just look around and ask people about the differences in the weather over the last decades. Some places get dryer, other places get wetter, we see many shifts in local weather conditions.

Climate change dried earth

Climate change is a global thing and of all times. Since the birth of the planet the climate has changed. Geologist can tell, even in the place where I had my childhood, I could see with my own eyes that limestone around here came from this area being submersed, this area was a sea. The coal that is underground and has been mined, shows this area in an other era was a tropical rainforest. Climate change! We might only look in a very limited timeframe and have the assumption that the climate was stable.


Climate change has become a huge business and the political circus around it is enormous. CO2 is the big problem that is being focussed on. Trading in CO2 rights, come on! It’s just business!

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

The assumption is that climate change is man made, we are responsible for it by burning fossil fuels, CO2 concentration is increasing because of that. I find it a fascinating phenomenon. In the long run, over hundred thousands of years, CO2 levels have changed much more than now, only when we look over a convenient time frame we see an increase.

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Climate change means decreasing ice on the poles, global sea level rises, increased average temperatures. Scientists have produced climate models with which they claim they can predict changes in the climate based on CO2 levels.

Climate change is man made and the cause is CO2 is an unquestionable statement. Scientists provide evidence to underpin this statement.

A million questions

For me it raises a million questions, also because there are so many contradictions in the whole story. I learned, when big money is involved and it becomes a business, integrity is out, at least for a large part. Industry produces information to prove and underpin statements and that has become unreliable for me. There is no transparency what so ever. Media in general only show one side of the story.

climate change questions
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What about other perspectives that are “not done”? Let’s have a look at them. 

  • Inuit Elders claim the sky looks different, the sun and the moon rise in different places and the stars are in a different place. The Earth axis has shifted.
  • Solar activity is the main driver for our climate.
  • Global deforestation contributes to climate change.
  • There is no global warning.
  • Then there is the technological stuff like HAARP1 and Chem trails (conspiracy theory?), what do they do?
  • Etc.


Let me take a totally different perspective: 

We are with more than 7 billion people on planet Earth. I see our planet as a living being. We have robbed the Earth at places from huge parts of (rain) forest, natural resources like oil and ores.  Industrial farmers produce our food with poison, that ends up in our waters and our bodies. We have introduced many unnatural chemicals in our environment. Above all those chemicals are interfering with our food chain. The pharmaceutical industry produces artificial medicines that end up in our water supply2. Plastics pollute the oceans, rivers and land. We are polluting our air, water and land on a global scale. We are working against nature and are destroying our mother.


This is just the physical level. On an emotional level we feed people with bad news every day all day. For many people in what we call developing countries there is not enough food, clean water and sanitation3.

climate change water
Charity: Water

People are struggling for life. In what we call developed countries, most people have just enough or just not enough and struggle to survive. Only 50% of working people in the US like what they do, imagine the stress that causes4!

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We are supposed to live according images imposed on us by advertising. This results in many people on our planet living under stress and in fear, a very low vibrational energy.

Living being

When our Mother, planet Earth is a living being, how would she deal with the stress she is under on a physical level and on a non physical level? So, isn’t the changing weather, the earthquakes and other planetary activity the way our Mother reacts to the stress we put her under? Isn’t it also a reaction to the fear and stress she feels from us, her children? 

Resolving this should be our focus. For me, climate change might be a result of our behaviour (and generates fear) but our focus should be on a healthy and natural environment to live in, for everybody, also our mother Earth.

climate change mother earth
Photo by v2osk on Unsplash

Producing our food in a natural way, natural medicine, energy and materials from natural sources and cleaning up the mess we made. Waterways with clean water, healthy soils, reforestation, clean air, clean oceans. Working with nature…

climate change forest
Photo by Jordan Rowland on Unsplash

Clean water, clean air, healthy food and a stress and fear free environment for everyone!

What can we as individuals do about it? Already many started initiatives that made a difference. You don’t see much about it on mainstream news but it’s enormous what is happening out there.

What can we do?

So, what can you and I do? It can start very small. Don’t forget, the power is with the people, when more and more people make different choices, the world will inevitably change!

  • Stop watching TV and avoid the brain washing, do something creative, connect with friends or play games with your family.
  • Look after your emotional wellbeing, change your life so you don’t have to live in fear.
  • Pick up the plastic that you see on your way and put it in the bin.
  • Buy your food without the plastic packaging, on the market or unpack it in the supermarket.
  • Buy organic food, without the chemicals or grow your own food.
  • Look for second hand goods and give them a new life.
  • Repair your stuff, don’t waist it.
  • Etc.
climate change actions
Photo by Joël de Vriend on Unsplash

Being conscious of every choice you make, breaking away from the automatic responses from our programming and re-program ourselves for other choices that support life!

  2. Medicine in drinkwater (Dutch)