Inner child workshop

Allow your Inner child back into your life

Perhaps Inner child work is your path to wholeness. Do one or more of the descriptions below fit you?

  • I don’t always have control over my emotions
  • I have been (sexually) abused in the past
  • It’s difficult for me to maintain relationships
  • I feel dependant of the love of others
  • Others hurt me and I allow it time over time
  • I can’t stand myself
  • I’m often depressed and I don’t know where it comes from
  • I’m addicted to substances
  • I have no clue who I am
Inner child separate

We lock up the playing, happy, creative and loving part of ourselves inside, not having to feel the pain of the past. But how much do we hurt ourselves by denying this aspect of ourselves? For that reason the way back to our authentic Self could be Inner Child work!
The Magic begins…

Get in touch:

By learning to get in touch with your Inner Child, you allow yourself to get insights in what happens within, ongoing, based on your own past experiences. The pain in the Now is only an echo of the pain from the past. So, the first step in loving yourself again and to find your own power is you contact with your Inner Child.

Inner child Father with son
Listen and start a relationship:

The relationship with yourself, that has been marginal for a long time, to avoid old pain, therefore made you function with old patterns and survival mechanisms.  Your Child wants to be heard and taken seriously and then listening is the first step.

Be the loving parent:

This is all about trust, helping the child to trust again and lay the foundation for a whole new kind of relationship with your child. You understand your inner child as no other! You yourself went through all the things that happened to your inner child. That’s why you are the best person to help your Inner Child.

Inner child loving parent, parenting
Inner child grow up
Help your Inner child to grow up:

You can take your Inner Child by the hand with trust, patience and love to help deal with the pain from the past and re-gain your Inner Strength, step by step.

Maintain the relationship:

Your Inner Child becomes once again your emotional compass and is able to explain in detail what is happening. More and more your actions come from your own inner strength and intuition. Then  by maintaining the relationship, your allow your true self to emerge..

Inner child maintain relationship
Inner child happy life
Live a happy and meaningful life:

Feeling free, making choices from your heart, being able to feel true love for yourself and others, giving unconditional love. That is what a healthy and balanced Child gives you. GO FOR IT!

Just watch the first 2 minutes, about the programming in the first 7 years of your life.