Looking back…. with gratitude

Now I’ve left Peru, I look back with eternal gratitude for my experiences there. The time I spent with my friend and her 2 kids taught me a lot and filled my heart with love. For nearly 3 months I rented a room in their house and I was part of the family.

gratitude Reiki 2 class
Reiki 2 class

Besides that she introduced me to different people in the area who became a part of my life. Like in Cusco I started teaching Reiki and Inner Child work, but something shifted. Before I came out again from Europe I had trained Inner Child facilitators in Venlo, the Netherlands. The time I spent with my friends Leon and Karen, I had the inner calling to start transferring the inner child work to members of Stichting ’t Ven, a network of therapists. Several of them where interested and so the first workshop happened.

Transferring knowledge

In Urubamba Peru, I felt this is what I had to do for the moment, transferring my knowledge. A few of her friends also wanted classes, so I started with Inner Child work and Reiki. These friends where experienced facilitators for Ayahuasca and Wachuma  ceremonies. 

A while after these courses I suggested them to become Inner Child facilitators and I designed guidelines. What a joy to see these people embrace the inner child work themselves and starting to use their own experience in the supervised workshops! Eventually I certified 4 inner child facilitators in the Urubamba area.

New Reiki Master

Janneke Boeijen became a new Reiki Master. From the beginning she was eager to redo her Reiki classes with me and she strongly felt the calling to become a Reiki Master, so we agreed on a training plan for her to become a Reiki Master. Oh boy, she went for it! I’m very proud of her how she stepped up towards becoming a Reiki Master. On the 26th of Februari we had a beautiful Initiation Ritual in Puma Huanca forest, along the water. 

Inner child facilitators

At Willkamayu Spirit you will find 3 of the four Inner Child facilitators, English (native), Dutch (native) and Spanish speaking, and our new Reiki Master.

At Libre Ser (facebook) you will find the fourth facilitator, Spanish (native) and English speaking.

I haven’t mentioned all the other beautiful people from the Sacred Valley I worked with and who worked with me. Gratitude! Gracias, Gracias Gracias! You all changed my Heart…

gratitude Puma Huanca
Puma Huanca reserve