Reiki Courses

What is Reiki Energy?

Reiki is the energy of unconditional love, Universal Life-force Energy. After taking a Reiki course more Life-force Energy will flow through your (energy) body and you will be a channel for this beautiful energy. You can use the energy for yourself and others.

The word Rei-ki is made up of 2 words, Rei and Ki.

Rei is translated as Universal Life force and this is the intelligence of the universe, the intelligence of your higher self. Ki is energy, as you might know it from Tai Chi or Chi Gong.

So Reiki is Universal Life force Energy, an energy that is intelligent and knows where to go to be of benefit to you and/or your client. Reiki, at the level 1, is an energy that is being transferred through the hands. Therefore, by putting your hands on the body of yourself or someone else, the energy starts flowing. This healing energy activates the self healing ability of the (energy) body, being a human body, an animal of even a plant.

How do you become a channel of Reiki energy?

Reiki characters
Healing with Reiki Energy
Mikao Usui
Mikao Usui, Founder source: Wikipedia

Mikao Usui

First a bit of history. Reiki is the name of the system, that Mikao Usui developed. He was a Japanese  university professor who lived around 1900. He went on a quest to find a way of healing with the hands, like Buddha. After many years he found the information where he was looking for, in  Tibetan scriptures.

Although he had the symbols and procedures, he was not able to apply the knowledge. So he decided to go into a meditation and on the 21 day he received a download of information how to apply the knowledge he found. At the same time he received the ability to use the energy.


After starting a healing clinic is his home town, he developed the system to be easy transferable. He started teaching the system as we know it now.

The ability to channel the Reiki energy is transferred from Master to student, who in turn can become a Master. The system has 3 levels. Level 1 gives the ability to channel energy through the hands. Level 2 adds the ability to sent energy over time and space using symbols. The next Level 3 is the master level where you learn to use all the sacred symbols of the system and the ability to transfer the knowledge and ability to others.

To become a channel of Reiki Energy, you can start with the Reiki 1 course. After completing the course you have the ability to channel the Energy for self-treatment or to treat others.

It is important to know, that you are not healing a person, you are channeling life-force energy which activates the self-healing of the person who receives the Energy. The Energy also works for the channel itself!

Reiki 1

You can start with the Reiki 1 course, which gives you the ability to channel the Reiki energy through your hands. In this course you learn about the Reiki system, Reiki principles, a perspective on Energy, chakras and more. During the course you receive the initiations which open the crown, hands and feet chakra’s. this gives you the ability to channel the energy.

Reiki 2

Second Degree Reiki is a deepening of your commitment to your journey and your truth. I feel that those who have chosen to come to this next level of Reiki are pre- pared to empower themselves further and search deeper within their souls to find peace and serenity. Reiki 2 is about your commitment to yourself and the courage that it takes to be on this journey.

Master level

With great power comes great responsibility.

When you feel called to become a Reiki Master Teacher, you are stepping on a path of continuous expansion. Working with the energy of the master level and the symbols that you are going to learn will open you up to higher levels of energy and abilities. Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in the tradition of Tibetan Usui Reiki will take time, up to a year or more.