The Sacred Female

Have we forgotten how sacred our female human beings are? Has our patriarchal society doomed women to be less than men? The world is still ruled by men, even God in the catholic church is pictured as a male figure.

Male dominance

Time to change and restore the image of women in our society and the balance between the male and female energies that rule our societies and the world.  

Sacred female, male dominance

Many centuries and many generations men have dictated the world with their male energy, strong and competitive. Even their own inner balance has shifted towards the extremes of male behaviour. Resulting in the extremes visible in our societies, competition, wars, greed, racism. Often women in power use mostly their masculine side to be able to function in the male dominated corporate and political world.

What values are our societies build on, that originate from the male influence over the eons of time where men were ruling the world? Perhaps it is even the absence of certain values that cause the suffering for many. Co-operation, compassion, harmony, etc. are base values we lack for a large part in todays society. The mind is ruling the world, the mind with its masculine energy. The connection is lost for a large part with the Heart, with our intuition, disconnected from the messages of our soul, our mind rules on its own, separated from the Higher values of life. No wonder things go wrong, like a car with no driver, the car can become a deadly weapon. Our intuition, our gut-feel is our navigation system, gives us safe boundaries, allows us to live our lives based on the Higher values from our soul.


We think, yes that’s the mind again, that intuition belongs only to women and that is not true. Because of the imbalance in the male person between the masculine and the feminine, many man cannot hear their intuition very well or the mind changes the message before the message reaches consciousness. 

I love the song from John Lennon, Imagine, in essence for me he sings about the shift from the male dominance to the balance in the energies. Imagine a world living in harmony and peace, no greed, no fear, no wars and no competition.

“You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m not the only one,
I hope someday you’ll join us,
And the world will live as one.”

Writen by: John Lennon

One of the things we need to change, is our view of the female and see the Sacredness again and incorporate this in our way of living. Especially important for the women themselves and off course for men.

The woman is Sacred

Sacred female

Our women are Sacred because they are able to create life. Yes, the man is needed, but he only contributes for a very brief moment in this creation process. A co-creation with the spirit that wants to incarnate on Earth, the spirit that chose the mother and the father as its parents. The rest is solely done by the woman, the Sacred woman who carries life inside of her and is capable of birthing a new human being into this world, enabling a soul to have a life on our beautiful planet. It is the love of All That Is that is transferred to the new born through the heart of the mother. She is the first one to welcome this new soul on Earth. That is why the woman is Sacred.


The woman is receiving, the woman receives the man, the man is penetrating and gives. When the woman wants to receive the man and he is able to give himself entirely to the woman, not just the flesh, but with his whole energy, from the level of his soul, magic can happen. Then the woman can completely surrender to the man and the energies can merge into an incredibly powerful creative force. The blending of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine is able to create a spark of God, a spark of light so powerful and so bright it is felt in the whole universe.

Huge transformation can take place when their communion comes from this highest level. The high Priestess and the high Priest connecting their energies on all levels can create lasting ecstasy, can create heaven on Earth. The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine walking the Earth hand in hand, turning everything in gold radiating energy.

That is what men in general have forgotten, who see women as less, as objects of lust, as objects for abuse.

The rise of the feminine

There is work to be done both by men and woman, both in their own specific way, both equally important. 

Our society will only change when we change, the change from within. It makes no sense to wait for politicians and leaders. They are more interested in the status quo, where they are in power and stay in power. It is everybody’s own responsibility to find their own way to authenticity, the balance of the Male and Female energies, the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

We all have been imprinted by ancestral distorted energies that have been passed down from generation to generation within a patriarchal context. Now is the time to break the cycle. 


Bethany Webster writes about the Mother wound, the suppression of the female in the patriarchal society. This imposed believe systems on women about who they supposed to be, energies of abuse passed on through generations. Guild and shame about being a female is a theme for many women. This asks for deep inner work to remove these believes and the pain that is associated with it. The inner child carries these wounds and wants to be healed. Healed to free herself from the male societal suppression. So you can find the way to balance your own female and male energies and step into your own Sacredness.


In a similar way men have been imprinted and have been handed down believes about manhood from many generations. Skewed believes about how a man should be, to be manly. Believes around sexuality, power, possession and competition that rules out and sidetracks their own inner feminine. “Boys don’t cry” is one of the sayings suppressing the female part and putting all the emphasis on the masculine energy. Our schooling system does something similar, emphasis on the mind, away from the Heart. This has huge consequences.

Violence against women—it’s a men’s issue: Jackson Katz at TEDxFiDiWomen shows how the focus from the perpetrator very quickly goes to the victim and the violence is changed in a women’s issue. Jackson Katz turns things around again and shows it is a men’s problem. 

In our society  we don’t have any initiation rituals anymore around manhood. We have no education on relationships, communication, consent and healthy male behaviour. The only references youngsters have, are the generational imprints and the examples they have in their lives. They come  from parents, caretakers, teachers and their friends. Not much is done to calibrate their internal compass to guide them to healthy manhood.

Me Too

Fortunately more and more men become aware of the skewed believes that are seen as “normal” in our society. Leaders are exposed for their unacceptable behaviour towards women. Women are stepping up, see the Me Too movement. Change is on its way, the inner feminine in men is waking up and the conversation  is starting.

Through the inner work also men can free themselves from the tyranny of the past and align themselves again with the higher values of life. Values of respect, unconditional love, equality and sacredness of all humans, all living beings. Not only women in their Divinity, but also Divine masculinity which is the perfect balance between the inner feminine and the inner masculine in the male body.