Transgender, a male energy in a female body and vice versa.

Channel 12-1-2019

Following a meeting in Cusco with Simone, I wrote the following channel. Her partner insists on changing her body to the gender she feels. She has a female body and wants to change this to have male characteristics.


Photo by Michael Prewett on Unsplash

Transgender, a men’s energy in a woman’s body and vice versa.

It is not a mistake of nature, the soul makes a conscious choice at soul level  to step into life as a transsexual person. These people have special attributes. But due to social acceptance, society does not see these people  as whole. Meaning their special attributes can not develop either. In essence they are very wise beings who show humanity that their strict prejudices about the different sexes are very limited. That these people have themselves converted to the other sex with which they identify themselves, is something of the last time, since medical technology has progressed so far.

That is a choice. Another possibility is to go deep inside and to break away from gender identity. As it were to transcend the union of masculine and feminine. Then, as it were, the androgenic nature of the soul comes out and the gender of the physical body does not matter any more.

This leads to a much more satisfying existence and is also the wish of the soul to grow to this level. Then an enormous wisdom comes out. This stays hidden because they only seek a solution  at the level of the physical.

These people need  understanding from their environment. Only then they feel that the way they have chosen to incarnate is accepted in the world.  A way to go is to deal with all the pain of youth and heal it, so that they can embrace their true nature.

It is not a mistake of nature, it is a choice at soul level that transcends gender.